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Corporate Communication Pattern Recognition

At its heart, your business is an evolving conversation about customer satisfaction, which takes place between your employees, consumers, and investors. Over time, new strategies, relationships, and talents are required to keep the conversation current. By identifying those communication patterns, that are responsible for the success of your business, we are able to design new strategies, facilitate new relationships, and recruit new talent, for the life of your business.


There is a singular Organizing Principle pervading all of life. There is no place it is absent, nor a time when it is not active. It can be discovered in nature as what we outwardly observe, in mankind as what we inwardly experience, and always found operating through three states, phases or conditions.

Individuals experience the Principle as an internal conversation about achieving purpose. This takes place in relationship to the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and the actions we take. This process is the called the Business of Humanity.

Communities experience the Principle as a shared conversation about quality of life, such that individuals may achieve their purpose. This takes place on the level of the collective thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and the actions we take. This process is called the Role of Society.

Companies experience the Principle as an evolving conversation about customer satisfaction, which enable communities to both realize better qualities of life, and to support individuals achieving their purpose in society. This process takes place on the level of the thoughts, the emotions and the actions of the employees, consumers, and investors. This process is called the Responsibility of Business.

When life is lived in accord with the Principal, individuals, communities, and companies experience tangible success and an evolving sense of wellbeing. And when life is lived in discord, we experience discomfort. Thankfully, however, Life is endowed with the capacity to self-organize, self-assess, and self-correct. This is why discomfort arises in the first place: it’s an invitation to reassess our thinking, feeling, and doing, so that we may self-correct and achieve our purpose.

Historically, the philanthropic impulse of society has supported the action to self-correct, often in the form of humanitarian, social, and environmental initiatives. But when we realize that what we perceive as society’s “collective discomfort,” issues from the level of the individual, we understand why efforts that fail to enlist the transformative power of the individual, remain ineffective. We can see the truth of this in our conventional efforts to address problems only on the level of their expression.

If our intent is to align society with Life’s Principle, then a fundamental shift must occur in that place, where the greatest number of individuals may be affected. That place happens to be the world of business. Corporate CPR (Communication Pattern Recognition) is The Practice that transforms the collective thinking, feeling, and doing of individuals in the workplace, and through them, restores balance to the business, economic and social fabric of society.


Strategic Advisor
greenglobe1Rather than continuing to seek solutions borne of past tactics and strategies, Corporate CPR evokes success by aligning companies with their unique Organizing Principle, a practice which represents a true paradigm shift from the conventional wisdom employed in businesses today.



Integral Coaching
coaching1Whenever we realize there are skills, experiences, and competencies required to achieve our goals in life, yet we lack a clear idea of how to attain them, coaching is a powerful tool to extend our reach to achieve what is presently beyond it. Learn More.



Lectures and Seminars
speakingconsulting1Topics include: The Art of Listening; 
Authentic Communication; The Difference Between 
Belief and Reality; 
The Business of Humanity; 
Discovering the Organizing Principle of Business
; The Responsibility of Business, and more.



Executive Recruiter
recruiting1With more than thirty-years experience, Corporate CPR is a firm of choice for start-ups, established and public companies seeking skillful, professional, and dependable search engagements for key technical and executive professionals, within a wide range of industries and markets.


Electronic Design Automation
Memory Storage
Advanced Diagnostics
Healing Architectures
Frequency Medicine
Stem Cell Research
Structured Water
Clean Energy
EVs Systems
Permaculture Design
Precious Metal Extraction
Waste Remediation
Waste To Energy
Water Purification


Corporate CPR: Resuscitating the Business of Humanity has been written to inspire us to resuscitate our business of being human.

The book chronicles the impact of a defining moment in the author’s life, that instantly revealed the true nature of the world, and his struggle to escape the consequences of that vision. For the next forty-years he pursues many paths, believing each held the promise of delivering him from the “fate of others”. Finally, he realizes that the experience he had as a teenager, held the key to guiding humanity towards our greatest common good: our greatest weakness is actually our greatest strength upside-down. This book is an invitation to experience the wisdom within each moment and exists to guide us regarding the choices that bind us, or free us, from the unconscious practice of fear.

Read the Preface.

Corporate CPR
(Paperback or Kindle)


Gary W. Baer, Founder and Principal of Corporate CPR, Incorporated, has served the business community as a Strategic Advisor, Corporate Coach, Communications Consultant and Executive Recruiter for more than thirty years.

As Strategic Advisor, he develops unique strategies, authors business plans, writes grants, functions as corporate spokesperson and interim President during Angel and Venture Funding activities, as well as researches, vets and secures new technology partners, solutions and markets.

As Corporate Coach he provides coaching services to executives, for the purpose of identifying and overcoming the self-limiting beliefs and cultural “blind-spots” that are responsible for creating obstacles to individual and corporate success.

As Communications Consultant, he guides clients regarding their communications process, and in the design of innovative strategies that are necessary to identify, evaluate and attract key contributors, investors and technologist, which are critical to achieving success within highly competitive business environments.

As Executive Recruiter, he is held in high regard, valued for his consistent ability to complete robust, ethical and timely search projects within a wide range of industries.

He designed a self-perpetuating, philanthropic business model, known as the Global WealthShare Plan, to bring harmony to the evolving conversation about “customer satisfaction” that is ongoing between employees, consumers and investors.

Founded the Global WealthShare Foundation to restore balance to the business, economic and social fabric of society through the development of sustainable technologies in robotic construction, geo-polymer building science, clean energy, permaculture, water purification, accelerated growing systems, precious metal extraction, waste remediation and waste-to-energy, in accordance with the Global WealthShare Plan .

Authored Corporate CPR: Resuscitating the Business of Humanity to reveal the power for positive change inherent in our moment-to-moment perception of obstacles. It was written to guide us towards a private wisdom that brings freedom to our professional, personal and spiritual life.

Corporate CPR and Global WealthShare are registered trademarks of Gary W. Baer. 

All rights reserved.

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