The integral, in Integral Coaching, means that it is inclusive such that nothing is left out.

Integral Coaching is the tool of assessment, design and transformation that brings a profoundly fresh way of seeing events, challenges and aspirations, such that both the client and coach uncover hidden beliefs and unconscious behaviors responsible for the current conditions of life.

Integral Coaching is what arrives when two people develop a professional relationship that is grounded in mutual trust and respect, directed towards a set of clear outcomes, guided by presence, and informed by broad models about what it means to be a human being.

Integral Coaching is a methodology. It is an integration project. It is a moment when you feel deeply connected to yourself and others, with a deep acceptance of everything, and you take practical steps to move forward in life.

It is both simpler and more complex than it sounds.

At its heart, Integral Coaching is not just an “it” we can see and hear from the outside, but also the “I” that lives in our thoughts, emotions and actions, and the “we” that connects us to each other in language, culture and community.


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